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29.03.10 Visit to Srebrenica, a meeting with president of municipality Srebrenica dr.Radomir Paulovič, extradition latern made from porcelain in spirit of peace and love
On a  non-governmental organizations Orchid NGO invitation musician and founder of the International White Dove Foundation  GIANNI Rijavec visited Srebrenica.
The purpose of the three-day visit was an international organization for peace concert »THE WHITE DOVE IN SREBRENICA«  which is going to happen in short future in Srebrenica. At the concert with peace nature are going to occur musicians from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Italy, Austria, Hungary and perhaps also from other countries.
The potential cost of a concert is a small piece in the mosaic of efforts for peace in the world.  A lot of symbolism is already being seen on a meeting with the Foundation's founder and chairman Gianni Rijavec with  president of municipality Srebrenica dr.Radomir Paulovič. Reception was at the premises of the Srebrenica municipality. Gianni Rijavec handed him the porcelain latern of peace and love.
Fire of peace and love burning in a specially designed sculpture in Slovenia, near Goriza in Trnovo. It should be mentioned that Gianni Rijavec already handed the porcelan latern in Vatican to the  Slovenian Cardinal Rode, Pope Benedict XVI., And Armenian Orthodox churches commander Garegin II .. International Concert for Peace in Srebrenica, which is expected to occur next year will be also overture to the annual international festival music with songs on the theme of peace and love.

Gianni Rijavec also visited primary school Skelani during his visit within the territory of Srebrenica municipality, where he was accepted by director Ljubimko Katanič and visited also well known cemetery in Potočari, where have been buried over 8000 victims at the massacre-genocide in Srebrenica. Reception and visit was labeled also with a longer interview by the Serbian national television RTS. Gianni has also been a guest in a half-hour radio show on Srebrenica.

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