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A Slovene musician Gianni Rijavec and his adherents formed the international foundation “The White Dove” in 2002. Its principal goal is to spread the idea of peace in the world!
Dr. Prešeren's great ideas expressed in his “Zdravljica” inspired Gianni and he wrote the music and refrain for the song The White Dove. The song is made up of two verses of Prešeren's “Zdravljica” and Gianni's refrain. It is a clear thought, a basic guidance of the foundation - to spread the idea of peace in the world!

The activities of the foundation are bigger or smaller projects which spread the idea of peace.
The foundation of the project is the song “The White Dove” so the activities are mainly musical projects (songs, records, concerts). The purpose is to spread the activities also on other spheres of social life (the second art – artistic, drama …, sport, politics, economy, fashion …). The idea of peace must begin to live on all spheres of social life. It is necessary to achieve that each person finds his “inner peace” which is the condition for peace among us!

The shield sign of the foundation is the stylized white dove, the work of the artist Ivo Kisovec.

The foundation is run by:
  the founder
: Gianni Rijavec

  the board of directors:
•     Gianni Rijavec – a president
•     Ivo Kisovec – an artist
•     Mladen Andrič – a businessman

Within the foundation there are also The White Dove club and a membership in the foundation:
• The White Dove club – unites eminent individuals from all over the world who help the foundation financially and morally at achieving its basic mission - TO SPREAD THE IDEA OF PEACE IN THE WORLD!

• The membership – unites all positive thinking people
Do you want to become a member of The Foundation The White Dove, spread the idea of peace, friendship, love, meet new people at home and abroad? Write to us!

Address: The International Foundation The White Dove
                Trnovo pri Gorici 26
                5252 Trnovo
                Tax Number: 38319039
                Transaction account: 04750-0000964813

Department foundations

The foundation establishes department foundations in other countries. A department foundation in Macedonia was established – The Foundation The White Dove Macedonia. Department foundations in Portugal and in Italy are being established. Their purpose is the same as of the central foundation - to spread the idea of peace in several countries.
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