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the white dove song

Gianni Rijavec is the author of the music and the refrain for the song “The White Dove”. The lyrics of the song are two verses of Prešeren’s “Zdravljica” (“Prjat'li obrodile …” in “Žive naj vsi narodi …”). It was released in 1999 when Gianni was a guest at the international music festival FORTE '99 in Sarajevo. He got the idea for the lyrics from the former US president Mr. Bill Clinton when he was visiting Slovenia.
On the main square in Ljubljana he spoke about Prešeren’s “Zdravljica” as of the song which should bring peace, happiness and reconciliation between nations in the world. Prešeren’s universal thought “No more shall foes, but neighbours be” became the central idea of The International Foundation The White Dove: TO SPREAD THE IDEA OF PEACE IN THE WORLD. It was translated into English (“The White Dove”).
Gianni invited some European popular singers to sing together and to record the universal anthem of peace. The European Band Aid was formed, which gathers: Toto Cutugno (Italy), Fernando Pereira (Portugal), Helena Vondračkova (Czech Republic), Alexis (Germany), Waterloo & Robinson (Austria), Petar Grašo (Croatia), The Platters (guests from the USA) and Gianni Rijavec (Slovenia). The song has so far been recorded only in English language by the above mentioned band. It was recorded in summer 2000 and presented publicly for the first time in the concert on 11th September 2000 in Hit sports centre in Šempeter pri Gorici.
We wish “The White Dove” to become the European anthem of peace! It is supposed to be recorded by 25 singers, representatives of The European Union countries.

Refrain of the song:

Fly The White Dove into the sky,
let the songs sing about peace and happiness,
hand in hand the borders will fall,
no more shall foes, but neighbours be!

The European Band Aid - the first performance of the song “The White Dove” in Hit sports centre in Šempeter pri Gorici on 11th September 2000

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