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The White Dove
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the story of the white dove
The story of “The White Dove” dates back to 1999 when Gianni was a guest at the international music festival FORTE '99 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). There he met mine victims and saw the consequences of the war. He was sad to see those innocent children who were the victims of mines. He decided to write a song which would bring peace to the world and TO SPREAD THE IDEA OF PEACE IN THE WORLD!
Gianni got the idea for the lyrics from the former US president Mr. Bill Clinton who was visiting Slovenia at that time.  
On the main square in Ljubljana he spoke about “Zdravljica”, the song of the greatest Slovene poet Dr. France Prešeren (1800-1849), as of the song which should bring happiness, peace and brotherhood among nations in the world. Its well-known verse “No more shall foes, but neighbours be” became the central idea of the new project. Gianni composed the music and added the refrain.

Fly The White Dove into the sky,
let the songs sing about peace and happiness,
hand in hand the borders will fall,
no more shall foes, but neighbours be!

The song “The White Dove” was born – the universal anthem of peace. Gianni invited some other European popular singers and The European Band Aid was formed, which gathers: Toto Cutugno (Italy), Waterloo & Robinson (Austria), Helena Vondračkova (Czech Republic), Fernando Pereira (Portugal), Petar Grašo (Croatia), Alexis (Germany), guests from the legendary group from the USA The Platters and the author of the music and the project Gianni Rijavec (Slovenia).

”The White Dove” is performed by THE EUROPEAN BAND AID. The musicians sing the song separately, each a part of the verse, whereas they sing the refrain together as a choir.
Gianni's idea is to expand The Band Aid. He continually establishes contacts with new musicians all over the world. Because The White Dove” must become the world anthem of peace!

Who is the next musician to become a member of The Band Aid? It is definitely going to be a prominent, a well-meaning name from the pop music scene. Do you have anyone in mind? Contact us and give suggestions.

Let the song unite all nations and let peace rule the world!
“The White Dove” flies higher and higher. It was supported by many eminent people all over the world. The first honourable sponsor was the former president of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Milan Kučan. It was also supported by the Slovene football stars Zlatko Zahovič and Miran Pavlin and the former Formula 1 racer Rene Arnoux.
The event, which took “The White Dove” to the skies, was definitely the reception of Gianni in the Vatican City on 11th December 2002. Pope John Paul II invoked a blessing on the project and Gianni gave him a porcelain white dove – the symbol of the project and The International Foundation The White Dove. Pope received the dove with the consecutive number one and so became the Ambassador of Peace. The porcelain relief – a shield sign is the work of the artist Ivo Kisovec. On Friday, 13th December 2002, Gianni Rijavec had a solo concert for the Vatican diplomatic assembly. He introduced the song “The White Dove” live accompanied by the piano.
Before coming to the Vatican City Gianni and his adherents established the international music-peace foundation The White Dove.

The second porcelain white dove was given to the leader of Tibetan Buddhists the Dalai Lama. He personally welcomed Gianni Rijavec 28th October 2003 in Dhalamshara, India.

The story of The White Dove continues day by day!
The White Dove flies, spreads peace around the world and gets more and more adherents!

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