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This years we have united the exhibition of greeting cards with Christmas concert and Lucija's public holliday into one event called Turn on the lights. It took place on 13. december 2009 in Trnovo near Goriza. The whole event was beining organised in 3 different locations. The oppening exhibition took place at the premises of local comunity Trnovo. Lightening the Christmas tree lights by playground with Solkan's elementary school pupils performance, Trnovo branches and a few words about historical patterns of  Lucija's holliday. Because of the weather issues the second part of the event was hold in the cultural center hall, continuing with the concert by various choirs MPZ Trnovo, MoPZ Provox and Singing School Studio Bel Canto from Ljubljana. The whole program was moderated by the founder of the International Peace Foundation Gianni Rijavec, presentation about Lucija's public holliday tradition was hold by professor Ivan Mignozzi.
This year we have also collected greetings quotes. As novelty we have also prepared the competition for three most inventive and beautifull in both category. We searched not only for old one, new one, home made or hand made but also modern designed greeting cards who could be sent by mobile phone or email. We searched for them between acquaintance, friends and relatives. The guiding thought, the message that we were looking for, was peace and love. Over 500 pieces not only from Primorska area but also further, were received most of them made by hand in different techniques and different materials. Most of the collected works were children's works
The oldest greeting card received was the postcard sent to Koper in 1979.
Also we have burry our thought over written greetings. The most unique and inventive from all recived were also children's work.
On the shortest day by Julian calendar we turned the lights on christmas tree. Pleasant atfmosphere delighted and mesmerised numbered visitors and turned the positivne lights also in their hearts.

The exhibtion will be also shown in the Post office within official hours.
We welcome all vistiors on viewing  and wishing them happy New Year.

International peace foundation The white Dove in cooperation with local comunity Trnovo..
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